1. About the history of Professor onassis.onassis born in offinso namong in the Ashanti region,where his mother livelived.Onassis was born in the year 1/8/1990 but due to some hindrance to Professor onassis,his parents live from his home town and settle to in the small village called Biemso in ahofo ano south.His father’s name is Mr Barnes odei jubin and his mother’s is Mrs Sophia odei jubin.Due to some famine,they move from their home town called Achinakrom and settled in Biemso in ahafo ani south where they start their life. They start farming where they are not yet born me but due to some problem between themselves they stop marriage when I was not yet grown.Due to that problem appear on their marriage which encounter them to stopped marriage,my father sent me to his hometown called Achinakrom where his parents lived.Because of that,my father leave me to his late grandmother while her name was called Nana Stas yaa alias nana.Ataa yaa take good care with me while I was still not stop bleast feeding so my late grandmother feed me till I stop feeding.Ataa yaa help me alot till her died while I was not grwn.But it was rather unfortunately nana fell sick one day and her died while I was not yet grown but because of I have another grandmother called Mrs comfort Yamoah a.k.a Abenaa Donkor also take me as a son.So She also take good care of me till I grown but I thank the Almighty God that he adds more years to her.So whenever my mother came to where I was,because I haven’t stayed with her I don’t have any impact to her.Dus to some any issues about me,I also make my impact impact that I would false myself that I will further my education so that I can get some income to help my grandmother’s.Because of that may the good God gave me some good mother that can help me in my education,so I try my best that I would continue education and learn alot.One of the anotger grandmother was Eno Akua gyinaye whom also take my hand in my education,due to that any problem in financially she decided that she will help me in the name of the Almighty.I start my education in Achinakrom kindergarten later k.G in methodist.because of my intelligence they move me from K.G to primary one.When the shift me to primary one,I got first in the totall of 40+ in number.butater on,my stopped schooling from Methodist and stay home for a long time.But later on,my grandmother Abenaa Donkor sent me to Achinakrom District Assembly while I continue from p.2,but because I studied hard,I got first till junior high school.When I reach j.s.s,I decide that I will not learn hard so I started to do slow learning,so when I get to my final year now that I wanted to but I registered as a candidate,so I go and wrote my basic education certificate examination also called b.e.c.e while I passed and got grade I get namong s.h.s but my father decide to my grandmother called eno Akua that if they sent me to my hometown I will not come again so we should not sent they sent me Achinakrom senior high School later called mighty Amighty. When I went to mighty Achiss my course I decid to do is General agricultural so I did agric till four years where I start2008 while I completed 2012.Due to some harsh in my family,I contiue my education in the radio school at kwadaso while I decide to be as a journalist but because of some inclimentin our currency they increased our fees so I stopped there and buy another forms in kwaso while I passed my interview and they took me as a student while I started learn to become community and development studies as a student.Nstudent.Now I am not yet completed but I thank the almighty God that he can help me till I finish my course.I WILL LIKE TO TAKE NY GRATITUDE TO PEOPLES WHO TOOK CARE TO ME AND MY FAMILIES.THFAMILIES.THANKS ALL




I am a man and I was a website developer so if anyone need someone to create a web,come with me.

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